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Voted #23   of 102 Restaurants & Purveyors in Tehran
based on 21 votes
Type of Food: Iranian
Price range: High (Over 300,000 Rials)
City Area: Fereshteh
Divan's concept is based around a modern interpretation of traditional Persian cuisine.  They serve a large variety of familiar Persian dishes, each with a sophisticated twist.

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1. What is the Gumboo Guide? The Gumboo Guide is a website with a selective listing of Tehran's restaurants, caterers, confectioners and other purveyors of food.  In this website you can search through our listings, read our reviews, vote for any of the listings and see how these votes have affected ...

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Haft Khan in Shiraz - Cuisine and architecture in harmony

How often do we walk into a restaurant where the architecture and decor command as much attention as the food?  Astronomical property prices all over Iran have meant that restaurants set up business where they can, not where they want. There are certainly a number ...

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Keeping The Friday Breakfast Alive!

Even though it is generally regarded as the most important meal of the day, breakfast has become the forgotten meal.  Blame it on the internet, too much work or plain old laziness, the fact is that we have forgotten what its like to ...